How to become a Morning Person and make the most out of your summer

How to Become a Morning Person and make the most out of your summer

This post has been sponsored by Coffee-mate®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Raise your hand if it takes several alarms in the morning to get you up and ‘outta bed. To say that I’m not a morning person would be an understatement. Most mornings I end up lying in bed until the exact moment I absolutely need to…


Pumped Up Kicks

Hello Summer! Although I’ve been feeling the summer vibes the last few weeks, I held off on sharing my summer bucket list until today’s summer solstice. So what am I most looking forward to this summer season? Well it’s the official start of music festival season in Chicago! This weekend I’m heading out to my first music festival of the…


Rolling into summer... a life update

Oh hey guys, it’s been a while…. Time has a funny way of flying by when you needed it to slow down the most. I’ve been a bit quiet on the social front these past few weeks and the honest truth of it all is that, I’ve just needed a little break from it all. While the official start of…