How to wear sequin jacket to the office

Sequin for Days

A great holiday outfit to wear to your office holiday party

:: Helmut Lang Dress | New Look Sequin Jacket
| Sam Edelman Yardley Heels | J.Crew Earrings ::

Does anyone get extra giddy during this time of the year because they can pull out and wear every single sequin piece they own? No, just me? Okay well…..

Truth be told, I feel like sequin is the unofficial fabric of the holiday season and instantly becomes appropriate for absolutely any setting that you can think of during the holidays. It’s so great that I can get away with wearing as much of my metallic, glitter, and sequin items in December.

I love my sequin dresses and jackets but unfortunately working in a strict corporate environment and being in Human Resources, I rarely wear anything sequin to work. It just wouldn’t be appropriate for the environment I’m in. Except this week is a special occasion. I’m wearing sequin on a work day and I’m thrilled. My companies annual corporate holiday party is taking place this Friday (right before I head out on vacation…lucky me!) and I’m excited to discuss may favorite HR approved way of wearing sequin and glitter on your work days.


When it comes to having fun but keeping it classy at a work event, don’t go overboard. In this case, I paired up a lovely light pink sheath dress that I picked up at the Shopbop sale last month with a fitted sequin jacket. The pop of sequin give my outfit a festive vibe that gets me in the party mood but I kept the rest of my outfit neutral.


Just like any other item in your closet, clothes look better on you when they are fitted to you. I cannot tell you how much money I spend at the tailors, but in all honesty it really makes me feel good to know that my clothes fit me the way that I want them to. This also rings true for your sequin pieces! You have to wear it with confidence and sequin fabrics can be unforgiving. Make you get your nicer items tailored and I bet you’ll end up wearing it way more often if you do!


Just have fun with sequin this season, it was invented to be enjoyed and to have fun in!

What’s you favorite sequin clothing item? Let me know!

A sequin jacket that you can wear for your work days How to wear sequin jacket to the office A sequin dress to wear during the work day A classic sequin jacket that you can wear to the office

:: Photography by Cassie Guba ::

A large cup of tea on a cold day to help keep your immune system strong

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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Drinking tea can help keep your immune system strong

Hello Winter! For those of you in the mid-west, you may have noticed that the snow has arrived. My Sunday was spent indoors for the most part, sipping a warm cup of tea, watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and watching the powdery snow come down on Chicago. It was very picturesque.

However the dreaded snowy Monday morning commute was not a welcome one, with the harsh reality sinking in that it’s definitely the start of cold and flu season. As some who uses mass transportation to commute around the city, I get exposed to a lot of germs. A cold can easily be caught just by sitting next to someone sniffly on the bus on your way to work.

That’s why this winter season I’m taking charge of my health. I’ve done some researched, tested out a few theories, and even asked my physician for tips on how to boost my immune system. Today, I’m sharing with all of you my top 5 easy ways to boost your immune system this winter season!

Bigelow green tea helps boost your immune system A large cup of tea on a cold day to help keep your immune system strong


Did you guys know that one of the best ways to boost your immune system is to switch out your daily cup of coffee with a warm cup of green tea? Green tea has some amazing health benefits which include: increasing your metabolism, helps regulate glucose levels (so you can continue to indulge in the holiday treats), and is full of good for your anti-oxidants that can help fight viruses and bacteria.

I come from a family of big tea drinkers and every single day, I end my lunch or dinner meal with a large cup of Bigelow Green Tea with Lemon. It personally helps me digest my food better and with all the added bonuses of green tea, I feel like I’m doing something a little healthier every single day.

Barilla Pronto Pasta, Barilla, Hearty Veggie Pasta, Dinner in 30 minutes, Dinner on Demand


Trust me when I say that the holiday season is always the hardest time of the year to stick to a healthy eating plan. Between the holiday treats that get passed around the office to the holiday parties with your friends that include a massive cheese board and plenty of booze, it can be tough to get your fruits and veggies in.

Start off with adding just a few more veggies to your eggs in the morning for a great veggie omelette or you can even try this easy yet delicious hearty veggie pasta.


While we are on the topic of food, why not add an extra yogurt to your lunch this winter season. Probiotics, the good for your gut bacteria, can be found in a variety of foods namely yogurt. I’ve been taking probiotic supplements for years and I think that do wonders for my digestive system.

If you aren’t a fan of traditional dairy but still prefer to get your probiotics from natural sources, eat an extra helping of miso soup next time you are in the mood for sushi or add tempeh to your vegetarian meal.


I have the hardest time sticking with my workouts in the month of December. There always seems to be something going on every single night in the city. To avoid FOMO, I tend to skip out on my workouts and indulge in a few more happy hour drinks.

Unfortunately, I can always tell when I’ve put off a workout for fall too long. I just don’t feel my best! A great workout boosts your endorphins and helps your immune system working at optimum levels.


I feel like my battle with getting a quality nights rest is constantly on-going, especially in the winter. Late night parties and early mornings are never a good combo, sleep deprivation can do quite a number on our bodies.

This year I started setting myself an alarm and hour before I wanted to get to bed, to remind myself that it’s time to unwind from the busy day. I also track my sleep with an app specifically designed to tell you just how good/bad your sleeping patterns are. Trust me when I say that it’s been a big eye opener for me this year.

Keep sleep on the very top of your priority list this season. Your body and brain will thank you for it!


So I would love to know from you guys, what’s you best tips on keeping your immune system healthy and strong. I would love to know how you guys fight back at cold and flu season!

If you are looking for more information on Bigelow tea check out their Facebook & Twitter pages!


A denim shirt is a great way to wear sweater layers for a warm winter outfit

Cold Weather Sweater Layers

An easy way to dress for the winter with sweater layers

:: J.Crew Denim Shirt | Vila Knit Sweater | Blank Denim Moto Jacket | 7 For All Mankind Jeans | BCBG Paris Booties (old, love these) ::

Holy Guacamole Batman, did it get cold this weekend or what! Waking up this past Saturday to 25 degree temperatures was just plain cruel; especially given that it was 70 degrees two two weeks prior.

Since we’ve been lucky enough to have warmer than normal temperatures for the bulk of this month, I’ve been holding off on wearing any of my winter staples. This past weekends shocking cold had to reaching for just about every single winter season staple I have in my closet.

I’ve mentioned this before, I find that a denim button down is probably hands down the most important wardrobe item in my closet. I pretty much wear it year around, like this spring outfit, this summer look, and more recently this fall outfit that I received so many compliments on via instagram! thank you!

I wasn’t ready to bust out my big winter puffer jacket just yet so I decided that this weekends outfits was going to be all about the sweater layers. I layered this great extra long sleeve knit sweater over my favorite chambray shirt and threw on my moto jacket for a cozy look. While layering a sweater over a thicker button down can sometimes get bulky looking, I do have a trick for you all – tank tops! If you layer a tank top over the button down, it smooths everything into place and keeps your button down from riding up under your sweater.

While I did have to pull out my puffer jacket this morning, I’m going to try and conserve the jacket for when the really bad winter weather hits Chicago in January. In the meantime, keep the sweater layers coming!

A denim shirt is a great way to wear sweater layers for a warm winter outfit How to dress for the cold with sweater layers BCBG Paris ankle boots for the winter J.Crew denim shirt under sweater layers

:: Photography by Cassie Guba ::

Scotch Magic Tape to help you wrap your Christmas gifts

3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Wrap Your Holiday Gifts

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Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper with Scotch Magic Tape

Okay guys, I have a confession to make. It’s not even December yet and all my holiday shopping has been completed for the season. Yes, I’m one of those uber planners that gets all gift shopping done the week of Thanksgiving and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve been eagerly coming home every night this week to a bevy of packages at my doorstep. seriously, isn’t free delivery just the best thing ever. With packages coming in on a daily basis, it’s become a nightly ritual of mine to listen to my favorite holiday album and enjoy wrapping my holiday gifts to set under the tree. 

In years past I would spend a good chunk of change on beautiful wrapping paper that gave me that Pinterest perfect wrapped holiday gift to put under my Pinterest perfect Christmas tree. While it looked absolutely lovely, it was definitely short lived once Christmas day came and went. There was now more paper that was wasted and and rarely recycled.

eco-friendly-gift-wrapping-26Scotch Magic Tape to help you wrap your Christmas gifts

This holiday season though, I’ve made it my mission to become a more conscious gift wrapper; no more wasted paper. With a little ingenuity and a whole lot of creativity, today I’m sharing three eco-friendly ways to wrap your holiday gifts this season. The secret to making this magic happen – Scotch® Brand wrapping products. I picked mine up early at my local Walmart store and saved, with a 50% bonus and Rollback.

So what will you need? packaging paper, old magazines, scrap wrapping/decorative paper, scissors, Scotch® Magic tape, Scotch® Gift Wrap Tape.

If you don’t have any of these things laying around your home, use some type of paper product that you do have available. Newspaper is always a great alternative!



How to wrap your gifts with kraft paper

If you are like me and prefer to do most of your shopping online, you are aware that much of the time your gifts come wrapped in packaging paper. Don’t throw away the paper along with the box because packaging paper makes great wrapping paper that let’s you showcase your creativity!

Using the leftover packaging paper, gently roll it out and iron out any wrinkles. Wrap your gift as you normally would. Now it’s time to get creative! Sometimes I like to write Christmas song lyrics all over the paper, sometimes I like to keep it simple with just a name written in sharpie. Either way, the packaging paper is your canvas and it’s time to get personal.

TIP: Don’t waste your money on bows! You can easily make your own bow using a page of a magazine. It’s easy!

  1. Rip out a colorful page from a old magazine. Holiday ads are usually very colorful!
  2. Fold your sheet of paper in half. Then take each side and fold it back up to the middle, essentially creating an accordion fold.
  3. Now flip the paper with the raw edge facing up and the middle of the paper facing down. Start cutting slits half way up the paper, making sure you don’t cut all the way through, creating fringe.
  4. Once you have cut out your desired amount of fringe, start rolling your paper sideways from the edge into a circle. You’ll notice that paper fringe flower will start to form. Secure with paper and pop it onto your gift.


How to wrap your Christmas gifts with scrap paper

Have you ever been left with random scraps of old wrapping paper laying around that just don’t ever seem to be the right side to wrap a full gift with. In the past, at the end of my gift wrapping I would be left over with so many scraps that I would throw them out. Well this year, take those scraps and your packaging paper to create your own patchwork wrapping paper. It’s all about using each piece that you have to create something beautiful.

  1. Take an equal amount of your leftover wrapping paper and your packaging paper and tape them together well. Don’t be concerned about any raw edges, they will be hidden later however you do want to create a smooth surface. The Scotch® Gift Wrap tape is great for this project.
  2. Once you have the the two pieces of paper taped together, pull one side of the paper over and under to create an accordion fold. Essentially you want to create a smooth straight line, hiding any imperfections. Tape down the fold so that it looks seamless.
  3. Now flip the paper over, the neat folded side should be face down and wrap your gift like you normally would, keeping things taunt. Add a few magazine bows for additional decor.


How to wrap your gifts with old magazines

Magazines, you probably have a million of them laying around you home that you have’t gotten to reading just yet. Well it’s time to get the most out of your magazine subscriptions. This one by far has become my favorite way of wrapping gifts this season. I will say that this technique works best with smaller gifts.

  1. Rip out 10-20 pages from your favorite magazine. Again, colorful ads really add a pop of color that traditional article pages just don’t always give.
  2. Starting with your first page, flip it so that your raw edge is facing to the left of you and the clean edge is to the right. Now start to layer each page on top of another, creating different spacing for each layer, and secure with tape on the raw side only. To create the tighter fold like in my photo, layer the pages closer together. Flip the papers over if you want to see how it will look as the side that is facing down will be the “outside” of your gift wrapping.
  3. Once you have the desired length and pattern of your magazine paper, wrap your gift like you traditionally would. It’s critical that you keep the non-taped side facing up toward you for this to look good.
  4. Cut any excess paper and flip your gift over to the pretty side. You now have a creative way to use those magazines this holiday season.

Doesn’t it feel great to be eco-friendly and creative at the same time?! I personally love the magazine wrapping paper alternative and it’s just so easy. With most of these gift wrapping alternatives coming in on a low budget, I’ll be donating those few extra dollars I have left over by giving back to the community. This season I’m giving back to Fisher House, which is a charity that provides a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. Scotch® Brand is also donating $200,000 to Fisher House this holiday season; every little bit counts.

So I would love to know, what are your favorite gift wrapping ideas? I would love some additional suggestions!

img_8350Cheap and easy ways to wrap your holiday gifts this season

staying healthy this holiday season with Morningstar veggie bowls

How to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

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staying healthy this holiday season with Morningstar veggie bowls

The holiday party season has officially started with last weeks Thanksgiving holiday. If you are anything like most people, including myself, you may have taken some liberty with your diet these past few days. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve eaten so much in one month that I did over these past few Thanksgiving days. I’m definitely starting to feel the holiday party sluggishness that starts to creep up the minute I throw caution to the wind and say “holiday calories don’t count…

Since this tends to be a busier time of the year for me, lots of work travel expected for most of the month, I tend to gravitate toward some not-so-healthy yet easy options for food and beverage.  I’m recommitting myself to stop the cycle of bad eating for the rest of the year and keep myself accountable to be healthier this party season. It can be tough with a busy schedule and even busier party scene, but I’ve managed to break down my healthy tips into three easy categories to stay healthy this holiday season.

stay healthy this holiday season by staying hydrated


Winter can really wreck havoc when it comes to our overall health. I personally tend to forget to keep hydrated the way that I do during the summer months. However keeping hydrated is extra important for this time of the year; it keeps your skin looking healthy and helps prevent food bloat from all the holiday eats.

Try some warm water with lemon in the morning to get your system going. Hydrate well throughout the day so that you can enjoy the party later in the evening.

stay healthy this holiday season when you are busy by eating a balanced meal


Earlier this year I committed to bringing a lunch to work at least 4x a week and it’s been one of the easiest lifestyle changes I’ve made this year. While it does require some prep work up front, I’ve gotten use to setting aside a Sunday afternoon to meal plan for the week.

Unfortunately all my weekends have been spoken for, for the rest of this year leaving me little to no time to meal prep for the rest of the year. In the past, I’ve gravitated toward fast food lunch options around my building; a not so great option for the wallet for the waistline.

Thankfully I’ve discovered MorningStar Farms® Veggie Bowls as better for your lunch option that I can just grab and go in the mornings. I’ve recently become obsessed with their Moroccan Medley and Japanese Soba Noodle bowls. As someone that grew up in a strictly meat and potatoes kind of family, these veggie bowls were a huge albeit delicious surprise.

These veggie bowls can be found in the natural frozen food isle at your local Jewel-Osco store, a grocery store chain pretty well known in the Chicago area. Don’t have a Jewel in your area? Check out MorningStar’s website for a list of grocery stores that carry these delicious veggie bowls.



Getting a full eight hours of sleep during this time of the year can really be a struggle. Between the early mornings at the office to the late night parties, sacrificing sleep tends to come with the seasonal territory. Well it’s time to stop the cycle and embrace the bed head. We tend of make some not so great decisions during the day when we are tired; like that 2:00pm coffee that you normally don’t have. When you are fully rested you are able to make better and healthier decisions throughout the day.

Can’t fall asleep? My biggest tip is to count backwards from 100 out loud to yourself. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly you get bored of this and fall asleep! Give it a try and let me know if it works for you.

morning star available at jewel osco stores