Farewell Summer

As of this morning, summer has officially bid us adieu. Every year that passes by I feel like the months and days are getting shorter and time is passing by far to quickly. While it may not have felt like summer ever really made presence this year, I did enjoy the few days that we did have. I’ve made a list of some of the highlights from this summer and I’m sharing a few photos from those events. So farewell summer 2014 and I’ll see you again next year.

summer 2014 in Chicago

Summer Highlights:
(left to right)

  1. Bucket List Challenge – A trapeze class on the Lakeshore waterfront. Amazing, thrilling, and terrifying all at the same time!
  2. A Nashville vacation with some of the best college friends ever. Nashville I’m coming back for you soon!
  3. In full disclosure I must admit that I am terrified of horses. While I have always thought they were the most beautiful animals around, I never had any desire to go near one. However this summer with a huge nudge from Christine, I went on my very first country horse back ride. The scenery was beautiful and my horse was very gentle but let’s just say it was a one time thing for me.
  4. I had the travel bug this summer as I visited another new place for me – Madison, Wisconsin.  I made my first drive into Wisconsin this past summer with Laurie & Lindsay and had a wonderful time exploring the unique city. I had a great time and throughly enjoyed my fair share of cheese curds & beer.
  5. I co-hosted a #YESWAYROSE event with Arin at one of my favorite rooftop bars, 52Eighty. This pre-lollapalooza party was a hit and everyone loved their floral sunglasses.
  6. I haven’t done a bar crawl since college but this summer I said goodbye to Lenka who is currently in an MBA program in France. I had a wonderful time dressed as a fish and running through the city for her goodbye bar crawl.
  7. Earlier this summer I was invited to join Glam/Mode Media! I’m officially part of the Mode family and you can read a few upcoming articles and fun this I have planned with them in the November edition of the Mode Media App.
  8. Summer Concert Series – This was my second year attending Lollapalooza and every year it seems to get crazier. A huge thank you to ASOS for sponsoring my wardrobe and ticket this year, I had an amazing time. I also had the chance to see Beyonce & Jay-Z perform as well as Carrie Underwood.
  9. Since moving to the city 2 years ago, I’ve barely made it to any tourist attractions. With my brother in town for a visit, I finally made my way over to the Art Institute and the Field Museum.
  10. The bachelorette pad – yes for the first time in my life I am living in my own little corner of the world. So far the experience has been exciting and decorating has been extremely therapeutic.

Additional Highlights:

  • You may have noticed that my blog got a face lift this summer and it is all thanks to Lindsay over at White Oak Creative. Lindsay did an amazing job moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress and brought to life my jumbled mess of ideas into one amazing looking blog. I owe her many thanks for what she created. If you are looking for your own blog design, head on over to Lindsay’s site to check out her portfolio of work.

Pinspiration: Hats

For the longest time I just couldn’t get into wearing a hat of any kind. I always felt that they were  partially uncomfortable to wear and just didn’t suit me. It took me a while but I’m finally realizing that the right hat can make a huge difference in elevating a simple fall outfit into something that screams “style.” I’m absolutely loving my fedora at the moment. I’m currently on the hunt to find a wool floppy hat for the fall season and have looked to Pinterest for some inspiration from fellow bloggers.

:: The Day Book ::

fall hats

:: Atlantic Pacific ::

fall hats

:: Chictopia ::

fall hats

:: The Native Fox ::

fall hats

:: Barefoot Blonde ::

fall hats

Dark Chocolate S’More Popcorn

Dark Chocolate S'mores Popcorn

You guys I have been craving sweet things something fierce recently; it’s highly unusual for me since I’ve always been more of a savory girl. Since moving into my own apartment I have made sure to cut out things that were unhealthy for me which includes no television set and no junk food. Coming up with a sweet treats was difficult, until I decided I realized that I still had some left over supplies from a s’mores fest with friends earlier this summer. Homemade popped popcorn and s’mores sounded delicious and from here was born a simple, quick and satisfying snack. Who doesn’t love a large bowl of chocolate popcorn with marshmallow toppings.


  • 1 cup popcorn kernels
  • 4 Tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup mini marshmallows
  • 2 large graham crackers; crumbled


  1. In a heavy sauce pan add your popcorn kernels and 3 Tablespoons vegetable oil. The pan should be cold and the vegetable oil should coat the kernels but not drown them. Place lid on top of the pan and turn on the heat to a medium setting. In about 3-4 minutes your kernels should start to pop, gently shake the pan during the popping process. You should hear a pop every 10-15 seconds, once the popping slows down turn off the heat.
  2. As soon as all your popcorn has popped, quickly mix in your marshmallows and graham cracker crumbles; stirring well. The marshmallows will start to melt into the popcorn and become gooey. Dump the popcorn mixture into a large bowl and set aside.
  3. With a small sauce pan and bowl, create a double boiler to melt your dark chocolate chips. Slowly stir the chocolate chips until all melted; it will be thick. Add the leftover vegetable oil to the melted chips to thin out the chocolate.
  4. Quickly pour the melted chocolate all over the popcorn and coat well. Serve immediately.

s'moresDark Chocolate Popcorn

Pink Lady

floral midi skirt

:: Express Tank | Madewell Sweater (old) | ASOS Midi Skirt | ASOS Crossbody c/o | BCBG Paris Pumps | Bauble Bar Cuff | ASOS Abstract Cuff c/o | M.A.C. “Speak Louder” ::

I think at some point in our lives each and every one of us has stated that we were born in the wrong decade. For me the decade that I’ve most identified with has been the 50’s; the decade where curves were celebrated and ultra feminine skirts were in style.

Ever since the midi skirt trend has been back on the scene, I have loved the whole look. I wore this skirt earlier this summer with a simple grey t-shirt that toned down the floral print but with cooler temperatures heading our way I switched things up by pairing my midi skirt with a light sweater. I wanted to play up the feminine floral print by highlighting the various pink tones throughout my outfit. If only I had a pink silk jacket to add I could consider myself a modern day Pink Lady.

floral midi skirt fall floral skirt sweater and skirt outfit

:: Photography by Christine Dubay ::

On Trend: Scuba Prints

As a child I was lucky enough to have a grandma who made most of my clothes for me. I was a girl who knew exactly what she wanted; floral print was the only way to go. Ever since those childhood days I’ve been drawn to any clothing item with a floral print, especially an item that also comes in a comfortable fabric. Scuba print has been making a scene everywhere the past few months and the stretchy fabric is absolutely perfect for those days where you’ve eaten just a bit to much. From scuba print skirts to clutches, you’ll need to scoop up this fabric for the upcoming holiday season.

scuba print

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