Pinspiration: Candy Apples

Happy Halloween! As much as I love buckets of candy, specifically a mix of peanut M&Ms and sour patch straws, I’m more fond of the traditional candy apples during Halloween festivities. Tonight I’m off to celebrate Halloween with a few friends in Chicago, my costume naturally was inspired by my recently trip to DisneyWorld. I’ll be going as Alice from Wonderland and I must say I’m extremely proud of my under $30 costume. You can take a peak at my costume here!

So tonight I say go and have fun and eat your hearts desire in all thing sour and sweet!

:: Pomme d’Amour – Chili & Tonka ::
candy apples

:: Poison Toffee Apples – Simply Delicious ::
black candy apples

:: S’Mores Caramel Apples – What’s Cooking Love? ::
s'mores caramel apples

:: Pumpkin Spice Apples – A Cultivated Nest ::
pumpkin spice apples

:: Vampire Caramel Apples – Erica’s Sweet Tooth ::
vampire candy apples


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