3 Easy Tips on How To Host a Baby Shower

All pink baby shower decorations

So who caught my Instastory from this past weekend? If you did, you noticed that I snapped a few videos of the baby shower I co-hosted with Peggy & Jesi in my apartment for one of my blogging bestie, Sam of Gold Coast Girl.  Sam is expecting a baby girl in December and as her friend, I’m really excited about the arrival of a baby girl to join our #squad.

While I’ve attended quite a few baby showers throughout my lifetime, this was actually my very first time hosting a baby shower. It was a blast and I definitely learned a few things along the way that I want to share will all of you. Hosting any type of party can feel very overwhelming, but it honestly doesn’t have to be if you stick to these three tips to ensure that you and your guests have an amazing time.


Have you ever searched Pinterest for a specific topic and gotten so overwhelmed with the sheer variety of ideas that it almost made you want to turn the other way and run screaming? Yeah, that totally happened to me at first too. It’s so much easier to focus on the details of the party, when you have a specific theme in mind. That doesn’t mean you have to go the traditional route, inspiration can be found anywhere and anytime. My best advice, pick a theme that truly reflects your mama-to-be’s personality.

This one was easy for Peggy & I, we just took headed over to Sam’s blog to look for inspiration! We wanted to make sure that the party reflected Sam as much as possible. Peggy and I decided on a “pink & leopard” theme for the occasion as you’ll find both the color and print on heavy rotation on Sam’s blog. We knew it was perfect way to welcome baby Kramer to the world.

Although I don’t have a picture of the invitations, Peggy honestly nailed it! These invitations were super cute and were 100% on point with the theme.

baby shower treats and floral decorations


Have you guys ever heard the phrase “the devil is in the detail”? Yeah, whoever wrote/said that clearly was a Type A person who was put on this Earth to make you feel bad about being Martha Stewart.

Honestly, a few days before the shower I started to feel overwhelmed that the decorations wouldn’t look the way that I had wanted them too. (aka not like a Pinterest photo). I can be creative when I have the time, but honestly who has hours upon hours of time to DIY decorations. (not me. this girl likes her sleep!)

Thankfully my friend Rachel introduced me to Chicago based party company, Paris312. They are known for their French inspired party boxes that have just about everything you need to throw an amazing party. They are also known for their balloon concierge, a service that delivers large beautiful balloons, within the Chicago area. They were kind enough to send us two pretty pink tassel balloons for the baby shower and we used them to anchor the table.

Let’s just say that these balloons were a huge hit with the guests and set the tone for the entire party. Most of the other decorations were found on Amazon, like these paper flowers that we hung up, and the tulle table skirt we made just using elastic & rolls of tulle. Peggy did an amazing job of putting together the floral arrangements; they were beyond beautiful.

Baby Shower Hosts all leopard and pink baby shower with baby mama


Any great party really revolves around the food and beverages served. It can be just as important as the decorations to making the party a success. Create a menu that revolves around the time of day that you plan to host your party. I always hate it when I’m served a heavy dinner like meal at an event taking place during lunch time.

For Sam’s shower, we hosted everyone for a brunch buffet which included a menu of mini pancake stacks, a DIY yogurt parfait bar, mini quiche, and cupcakes. While I’m a great cook, I’ll let you in on a little secret, most of this stuff came from the Trader Joe’s frozen section! It’s the secret weapon to feeding your guests without slaving away in the kitchen.

Don’t forget about your party favor! As a gift, we gave out mini champagne bottles with a custom label that said “She’s about to POP!”. A little celebratory gift is always a nice touch.

So I would love to hear from you guys? What tips do you have for hosting a baby shower, holiday party or even a small dinner party.

Baby shower appetizer foods and party favors a baby shower table tutu skirtGold Coast Girl Sam Kramer at her baby shower

:: Photography by Peggy Kollias, Jesi Kolcin & Sam Kramer ::


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