Summer Bucket List: A Chicago Scavenger Hunt

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I realize that lately there has been a lot of talk about Fall. I mean, when did we get so wrapped up in the future that we stopped enjoying the season we are in? I personally am not ready to give up on summer just yet!

I’ve been slowly working on getting through my summer bucket list this season and with a majority of the items crossed off, I’ve been looking to add more adventurous items to my list before the season ends. One of my favorite parts of living in Chicago is that there is so much of the city to explore. Chicago is a huge city with so many diverse neighborhoods, local shops, and cultural buildings, it’s hard to keep up in a city that is always changing. I celebrated 5 years in Chicago in May and am constantly surprised at how many areas of the city I haven’t explored yet. This summer, I decided that it was time to celebrate Chicago in a unique way.

So what’s the best way to explore the city? Well so people might tell you to take a walking tour, others will tell you to ask your friends to show you around their neighborhood, but I’ve got a different plan. Why not try a hometown scavenger hunt!

A few weeks ago, after having the same discussion with my friends, we decided that this summer we were going to take a different approach to being tourists in our own city. Turning adventure and exploration into a game, a scavenger hunt game. One that would end with us all celebrating 5 years of Chicago living over a few bottles of Sheep Thrills® wine.

So where did we start? Well surprisingly enough, if you search the internet for “ {CITY} Scavenger Hunt”, you will be rewarded with a variety of pre-planned lists that are ready for you to print and go! If you are feeling ambitious and want a more specialized scavenger hunt list, you can put one together yourself!

For my friends and I, we did a hybrid of both ideas. We pulled together a map of the city and each person on our 4 person team threw out a location, museum, or neighborhood they wanted to explore. We then took an existing scavenger hunt list we found on the internet and tweaked a few items on the list to ensure we had to hit up those areas. It was a great way to get to know your friends on another level. I had no idea my friend Alex was so interested in the botanical gardens!

Once we had our scavenger list put together, we packed up a few other necessities to really round out the day of adventure we were about to head out on.

What did we bring along?

  1. Map…
    A printable map of Chicago with all of the major attractions listed was the best guide to getting through our scavenger hunt. It was a great way to not depend on our cellphones to guide us and a pretty awesome visual representation of the city. Going old school is super cool.

    Make sure to highlight all the areas of the city you want to explore and pull together a plan of attack before you head out. It will be less stressful if you have an idea of where you are heading and the direction you need to go.
  2. Scavenger Hunt Checklist –
    Can’t start your adventure without a scavenger hunt checklist! As I mentioned above, there are a ton of free version that you can use out on the internet. However, don’t discount the option of a DIY scavenger hunt list! You can even ask a close friend to help put on together so that everyone in the group is surprised at where you are going.  Just don’t get too competitive, a great scavenger hunt brings people together!
  3. Celebrate the Win –
    After a day of fun and adventure, remember to end it with a celebration. We ended our day at Grant Park in Downtown Chicago and it seemed absolutely fitting to end a day of exploring Chicago in the heart of the city. I brought along a bottle of Sheep Thrills Pinot Grigio and Sheep Thrills Red Blend for my friends and I to enjoy post hunt.

    Sheep Thrills is one of my favorite brands of wine from the Abruzzo region, I’m specifically in love with their Red Blend wine which is round and full bodied, with berry notes. I always have a few bottles of this laying around my apartment for special occasions. With their casual, whimsical, and fun vibe, (the sheep on the bottles even have names! “Marco” and “Paolo” – how cute is that!) Sheep Thrills wine makes for a great post adventure drink to enjoy with your friends. Check out the Sheep Thrills Facebook and Instagram pages for more information on this great brand!

After 5 years in the amazing city, I can finally say that I’ve seen some highlights of the city that I was never able to get to. From the Museum of Science & Industry, to the Garfield Conservatory, to taking a stroll and checking out a hybrid Polish-Korean restaurant in the neighborhood of Pilsen, my bucket list finally seems complete.

Summer is not over yet, and with so many adventures taken, both big and small, take advantage and leap toward a thrilling event. So what will you do this month to make the most out of your summer?

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