Best of Nine // Vol. VIII

Best of Nine August, August Favorites

Hello Friends! It’s been a while… After a whirlwind trip to Europe followed by an epic long holiday weekend in Michigan, the jet lag hit me super hard and I’ve needed a few extra days to get myself together.

I’ve been surprised at just how much harder it’s been to get back to my every day routine this time around. The things that happen when you get older…

Any way, I’ve got a lot of fun things to share in the upcoming few weeks. While I’m not 100% ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, although it seems like summer left Chicago without any warning, I’m slowly but surely starting to embrace the new fall season.

Before we get to some fun fall fashion, I wanted to share with you guys last months Best of Nine link roundup. I’ve been on a home and health kick as of late, so most of my links have insights on how to be happier and healthier this season.

Also ICYMI; these posts were a hit with you guys in the month of August:

~ The 7 biggest shoe trends for Fall 2017! Who’s ready for booties and combat boots

~ It’s time to reset this fall season, so here are a few tips for on becoming a morning person and making the most of your day.

~ If you are looking for a hearty yet delicious cold weather meal, this Asian Quinoa Broth Bowl has been a huge hit since I posted it last year!

~ This sweetheart neckline dress just shows that a classic style dress is perfect for any season and for any occasion. Bonus: This dress is under $50!

Best of Nine – August 2017

1.Have you guys heard of Ashwagandha powder? I’m intrigued by this new super powder that’s suppose to have amazing health benefits.

2.I’m still working on my apartment decor and The Home Edit’s Instagram account is #inspirationgoals

3.With Rupaul’s Drag Race becoming such a television sensation, RuPaul’s become the new Oprah when it comes to dishing out sound life advice.

4.I’ve been experimenting more with Lightroom Presets and this tutorial on how to edit your photos for social media is gold.

5.As much as I hate to admit that fall is here, I am ready for a change in wardrobe. Experts say you need to get rid of these items to prepare for a new fashion season.

6.Adult relationships can be hard, but what if the hardest relationship is with your friend. Tips on how to deal with emotionally draining friends.

7.I’ve been living in flats all summer, but now it’s time to pull out the booties and heels again. These expert tips will help you make those sky high shoes feel much more comfortable.

8.With a new season comes a new start. These tips will help you wake up feeling happy every single day.

9.I’ve been dealing with the worst case of jet lag from my European trip. These tips will help you fight off the feelings and get back to your center.


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