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With my big 3-0 milestone coming in just a few months, I’ve been doing a ton of reflecting on my life this year, especially in the health and beauty department of my life. 

I’ve noticed a shift in the way my friends and other bloggers have talked about beauty products as of late. There has been a ton of questions surrounding the chemicals used in every day products and natural products have started to slowly take over the market. The more research I’ve been doing, the more concerned I’ve become over the lack of regulation of our beauty industry

In the past few weeks I’ve made quite a few changes to my own beauty routine, which have included switching to a natural deodorant (I’m loving this one), to replacing my old face wash with this facial soap, to embracing natural makeup products like this natural pigment. Slowly but surely, my beauty bag has become more holistic with products containing ingredients that I can actually pronounce and identify.

So with a new found interest in beauty products, I was thrilled to be introduced to Mojo Spa by my fellow blogger-friend Jennie. Mojo Spa located in the heart of Wicker Park, carries their own line of natural beauty products, all made in small batches and in-house by one of their co-founders. Since natural beauty lines still haven’t gone mainstream, it’s nice to have a brick and mortar store that I can visit to smell, test, and feel the products out myself.

During my recent trip to Mojo, I was introduced to a bevy of natural skincare products that caught my eye. I promptly scooped up a variety of different products to add to arsenal. After testing a few things out over the last few weeks, I was pleasantly surprised at how well everything worked. I didn’t miss my old beauty products at all and in some cases, I felt like Mojo’s products were superior to the name brand beauty products I had been using most of my adult life.

I’m amazed how much of a difference I’ve noticed in the texture of my skin lately, especially as the weather has become colder and drier. Becoming for conscientious in what actually goes on and in my body has been a very big eye opener for me, but I’m thrilled to see that small changes can make an impact on my overall health.

If you are interested in checking out a few of my favorite products, check them out below. Even if you don’t live in the Chicago area, Mojo Spa delivers all over the world! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions either, I’m happy to chat more about my experience with these products!


With the winter season upon us, keeping my skin moisturized is extra important. I picked up this High Society facial soap and it’s quickly replaced my daily cleanser. This soap smells amazing and I’ve already received a ton of compliments on my skin since using this.


I’m a huge fan of L’oreal’s Lash Paradise mascara, however it can be a struggle removing it at the end of the night. Since I picked up this Ambrosia make up remover and cleanser, taking off my makeup in the morning has been a breeze! Bonus: It smells just heavenly!


Once a week, I liked to give my skin a little TLC and this Detox face max has quickly become a favorite of mine. It really feels like all the dirt from the week is being lifted from my pores after this mask. If you are a fan of charcoal masks, give this natural face mask a try for a gentler yet effective clean.


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