7 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

If there is one thing that I could never part with in my closet, it’s my Levi’s denim jacket. From spring through fall, I’m constantly throwing on my denim jacket as I head out the door. While it may seem a bit basic, I’m all about the comfort look these days. From a head to toe denim look to summer…

What to wear this summer to the office

Wear to Work: Baroque in Black & White

Can you believe that it’s already Monday again. I felt like this weekend went by in such a flash, I hardly got to enjoy it. That seems to always be the case when we start creeping toward the end of summer. The days go by so quickly, I tend to forget to sit and appreciate the days that we do…

Tory Burch wedges with a BB Dakota Dress

7 Biggest Fall Shoe Trends of 2017!

You guys, wanna know a secret? For a woman in her 20’s, my shoe game is pretty weak. I blame the city life honestly; I walk the city so much that I literally destroy shoes. As a result, I tend to be particular with my shoes. First, they have to be walkable at a quick and efficient Chicago pace. Second,…